HOW TO (the magic):

Get ready to shake, stir, and sip your way to cocktail perfection!


 To create a balance Craft Cocktail you will need the following:
  • 1.5oz - of your spirit of choice
  • 1oz - Jolly Hour Cocktail Mixer
  • 1 oz - Lime or Lemon Juice
  • ICE

To create a delicious Mock-tail (without using alcohol):

  • 4oz - of water
  • 2oz - Jolly Hour Cocktail Mixer
  • 1.5 oz - Lime or Lemon Juice
  • ICE



    1. Pour all ingredients into your cocktail shaker and add ice
    2. Shake for 5 seconds
    3. Strain cocktail into the glass filled with three quarters of ice.
    4. Top with more ice.
    5. Garnish
    Time to feel Jolly!